Who cares about 64-bit Office 2010?

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[East Africa]AMD Opteron 64-bit processor
I’VE SAID IT BEFORE and I’ll say it again, “who cares about 64-bit desktop app when the average system RAM is around 1 to 2Gb?” Heck, I’m more interested in server apps that are compiled to take advantage of 64-bit processors. Mind you, 64-bit  apps in gaming and virtual reality are 2 areas that can immediately benefit  desktop users. But no one’s writing them, or they’re too few of em.

So I was peeking this ZDNet blog post on the prospect of a 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010. I’m like, “who cares?” Everyone’s running to install 64-bit versions of Vista or Windows 7 simply because they have Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD x86-64 chips. But, are they really getting any benefits if they’re still running 32-bit applications like Office 2007, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, Windows Media Player, iTunes et al? Hell no!

Actually, it’s hardware vendors that are “pushing” these 64-bit chips to home users — just like your medical doctor and Big Pharma pushing Chemotheraphy “treatment”  on poor hapless souls with cancer (especially now that we all know that pure Hemp Oil is a cure) because it’s a multi-billion dollar cash cow. Why? Profits, of course…and I understand that.

Show me the server goods…
Now, when it comes to server-based computing (mail/database/file servers, etc.), gimme 64-bits any day of the week. Anyhow, here’s my reply to the above blog post:

I’m more interested in 64-bit versions of MySQL, PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL, SQLlite, etc. because this is the main area where you’ll see immediate benefits. Why? Because databases rule the world so if you are a company that has large data sets, then 64-bit RDBMS apps are the keys to your speedy success. I can also see 64-bits being advantageous in video/audio processing apps as well as large, complex information systems such as an Enterprise ERP app running on a server.
But Office 2010, Flash, and other desktop apps being 64-bits?? Not really important right now.

Can you imagine running free 64-bit versions of Ubuntu Server Edition, FreeBSD, NetBSD, CentOS, OpenSolaris with free, powerful 64-bit apps like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Exim, Postfix, qmail, OpenERP, etc — and taking advantage of virtualization? Now, imagine if your system was decked out with an AMD Opteron 64-bit chip, 6 Gb RAM, and a RAID setup. Now here’s where some 64-bit “magic” will appear — right in front of your very eyes.

Happy 64-bit computing!

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