Insane Microsoft patents

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[Nairobi, Kenya]
THIS IS crazy! How on earth did the US Patents Office issue Microsoft with a patent for “page up” and “page down” functionality? What are they smoking over there? Most importantly, what qualifications does one need to work for this particular US government department? :-)

Been there, done that…

Surely these peeps must know that page up and page down functionality has been in existence for a looong time. Right? Just check the original IBM PC back in the late-70s/early-80s to see my point. And didn’t Wang La
boratories have page up and page down in their original word processors 30 years ago.

Great forum comment…
This dude name rossasaurus in the above ZD Net Talkback said it best:

Patently Absurd
Maybe they should patent a system for demonstrating computer failure by displaying a predominantly blue screen with little else upon it and no response from any interactive input; and while they’re at it, maybe they should Trademark the term “Blue Screen of Death” :)

Ha ha ha. I couldn’t agree more. Yo, Mr. Ballmer, why don’t you request a patent on your infamous BSOD? After all, it’s a “100% original” Microsoft invention. :-)

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