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[Kampala, Uganda]
WOW, I’VE FINALLY made it to Uganda! I’ve always heard that this is the PEARL OF AFRICA. Well, I think those peeps might be correct. After crossing over from Busia, Kenya a few days ago, I’m simply blown away by the green space in this, um, GREEN country.

Food here, there, everywhere…
Heck, EVERYTHING grows here. No shit! Everywhere I go, there’s a banana tree here, a mango tree there. Rice growing over there. Fish from Lake Victoria over thar. Good lords, I doubt peeps starve in this country. LOL. You have to be HERE to SEE it for yourself. And food is a heck of a lot cheaper than even Kenya.

Uganda @ work…
And then there’s the huge investments in the energy sector by the government. You’ve got the massive Bujagali hydro project in Jinja and other hydro projects in the works. {I’ll add more info here l8tr!}

Oh no…OIL!
And don’t forget the oil that was recently discovered in Lake Albert by the DRC (Congo) border. If this country can harness these potentials, god damn it, but look out East Africa! Seriously, if these peeps can use that oil locally to SAVE a big chunk of foreign coin from importing oil, they eventually WILL surpass Kenya in terms of economic development.

Kenya is on fire…
And although Kenya’s humming along economically — Safaricom & its virally innovative & addictive M-PESA mobile money/banking service; Kenya Airways (aka KQ) is flying high; Nakumatt has taken supermarket/department store shopping to a whole new level of convenience (for Africa); The Nation Media Group is king of African media; Kenya Wildlife Service is attracting lots of tourists; Bamburi Cement is a major supplier to a majority of the commercial/residential real estate development projects cropping up all over the country; Equity Bank with James Mwangi as its innovative CEO is hauling ass by ‘out-innovating’ the competition & even has branches in Uganda & Tanzania; Kenya’s tea, coffee & flower farmers are raking in the dough; Nairobi is headquarters for the United Nations in Africa; massive road projects thanks to the Chinese, etc. — politics (ie. post election violence of 2007/2008, hypocritical ICC drama, corruption, etc.) will always be her Achilles’ Heel. I hope I’m wrong though because East Africa has literally taken off like KQ’s brand new Boeing jets. Smile 

Folks, ya heard it from me first: The East African Community (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi — maybe Southern Sudan & Somalia in a few years?) is THE place to BE if you wanna see where Africa is heading. And once they harmonize their currency (East African Monetary Union), this region will be untouchable, leaving the rest of Africa in the dust. Smile

Ooops, back to Uganda… Smile
So yeah, I’ve now visited Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania. And I gotta say that each country is supremely unique. I think Uganda’s gonna surprise a lot of peeps though. I was walking down Kampala Road in downtown KAMPALA and I was blown away by all the computer hardware shops selling PCs, laptops, printers & the works. I’m guessing there must’ve been over 50 computer shops I passed by. I hope they’re all making money.

Mountain views everywhere…
Kampala is a hilly city (think San Francisco) and the views are spectacular. Again, trees are everywhere so you feel like you’re in a city that was carved out of a forest. I had the pleasure of taking the boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) everywhere. And their rates are el cheapo, too. I think Kampala is built on 7 hills so you can see fabulous real estate from various vantage points.

Safe Kampala…
I feel so safe when I’m in Uganda. Actually, I’ll have my guard up when I cross back over to Kenya. Sorry, but that’s a fact. Police are everywhere! Yes, I know this is an election year and some shit is hitting the fan with rivals trying to usurp President Museveni’s reign, but it’s so safe in this country compared to Kenya. Seriously! Is this because food literally grows everywhere so bellies are not grumbling? LOL. Smile

To be continued…
Pics coming soon!

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[Maasai Lodge Road, Nairobi]
ONE OF THE benefits of living on Maasai Lodge Road is that you’re next to the Nairobi National Park. Oh, there’s no fencing or anything so that the animals can migrate to other areas if need be. I’ve heard of lions venturing out of the park and it’s not uncommon to hear them roaring at night or early in the morning. We often hear hyenas “laughing” as they prepare to ambush some hapless prey. One other thing…if you have dogs, you need to bring them in at night lest a stealthy leopard hop over your fence and take your best friend on a 1-way trip to its stomach. You don’t believe me? Just ask Nani Croze from Kitengela Glass down the road how many animals she’s lost to leopards.

Sometime in April, my good buddy Rolf Schmid of Rolf’s Place saw a lion attacking a baby giraffe and he and his staff tried to rescue it. But alas, it was too late.

Rolf Schmid observes a baby giraffe that was killed by a lion on Maasai Lodge Road - April 2010

If you ever get a chance to experience fine dining at Rolf’s Place, you just might see about 6 tall giraffes hanging out on the other side of Maasai Lodge Road munching on leaves from the tall trees bordering the park. I hear they never sleep…always on the lookout for predators. This would annoy the heck out of me. I value my sleeeep. :-)

Rolf, staff from Rolf's Place & neighbours move the giraffe away from the main road

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[Nairobi (Gigiri), Kenya]
outings less planned can sometimes turn out to be the most surprising (in a good way!) experiences in life. Well, today, me and my good pal were just going to the Village Market to pick up some stuff at Nakumatt and the Telkom Orange shop. Then, she called her pal (a real go-getter!) who has an amazing position at the UN here in Gigiri to join us for a bite or a coffee.

Instead, we were invited on to the complex for a bite at its Village Market-like cafeteria. My first impression of the complex is simply this: Wow, it’s bloody massive!! That’s gotta be 50 to 80 acres of buildings (offices, gym, cafeterias, library, etc.), green landscape, conference facilities, etc.

United Nations Office Nairobi (UNON) map

In addition, the 3 cafeterias have a wide variety of vendors serving tasty dishes — just like the Village Market. And the prices are amazing since you don’t pay VAT. I also hear that peeps who drive UN red plated vehicles get something like 30% off their fuel costs if they fill up at the UN gas station. And they also get to shop in the duty free stores — no VAT ever! Damn.

aerial view of the massive United Nations Office Nairobi (UNON) complex

In short, I had a great time at the UN today. It’s such a peaceful atmosphere and you get to see citizens from all over the world who are (ahem) “trying” to make a difference. But alas, what a fu!ked up world we live in. Ooops, sorry for the negativity. Here, I’ll smile for ya. :-)

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[Shimoni, Kenya]
That fabulous Greek-Ugandan-Kenyan artist — and a dear friend of mine — Theo Stone (aka Theodora Spyropoulos-Stone) is about to unveil some exciting artwork at the highly anticipated Village Market Art Exhibition between October 1 and the 10th. Don’t miss it! I’ve always said that Theo is the most versatile artist I’ve met on this continent…and probably even on Planet Earth. Could she be a space alien who came to earth to “creatively play” for a while? Who knows!

You can obtian more details at this link:

October 2009 Exhibition at Village Market

By the way, here’s a sample of Theo’s “out-of-this-world” creativity! I just wished I could afford her art. :-(

Peek her online gallery for more goodies! Enjoy!

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[Wasini Island, Kenya]
This is a super short post today cuz I’m (like always!!) BUSY!!! I was on Wasini Island just across from Shimoni, which is on the beautiful Indian Ocean coast line of Kenya by the Tanzanian border. My new friend, Tanja, took this pic as we did the Charlie Claw’s – Wasini Island tour. Wasini Island is such a magical place and I promise to put up more pics — soon. But I just had to upload this majestic baobab tree. Folks, please allow me to introduce you to Mother Nature in all her inspiring and over-powering beauty.

MaxTheITpro on Wasini Island by huge baobab tree - Sept 2009

I promise to put up my new scuba diving pic thanks to the fab Charlie Claw’s team. Well, that’s if the couple I met from Switzerland on the Charlie Claw’s dhow emails the darn pic to me (crosses fingers).

Oh, I’ll soon be visiting Kenya’s famous Diani Beach (aka South Coast) in a few days. I hear it’s 11 kilometers of pristine white sandy beach with tons of kool attractions including the infamous 40 Thieves beach bar. Yippie!

Camels for hire at Diani Beach on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast

All I can say is that when you leave Nairobi for the coast, all of a sudden, you feel sooo RELAXED.

- Photo of myself standing next to Baobab tree by Tanja Meyer

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[Nairobi (Kilimani), Kenya]
GREETINGS FROM Olive Salon next door to the Valley Arcade Shopping Centre in Kilimani where my good pal Sarah Mwangi (expert in Beauty, Body Treatments and Reflexology) has just relocated from the Sanctuary in Lavington. You’re not gonna believe this, but the owner of that spa got pissed at her for having a bloody website – and sacked her. How selfish!!

Well, the Middle Eastern owner of Olive Salon, Sophie, is sooo super kool. By the way, she makes a great cup of Arab coffee. Oh, I just set up Safaricom’s super fast 3G broadband Internet service on Sophie’s slooow Compaq Pentium-3 system so I decided to cruise the Net for just a teeny little bit to see how 3G’s working over here. Also, I’m a bloody web whore. :-)

God damn it!!!! I just downloaded Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (7.7MB) in like less than a minute. Okay, so 3G is fast in Kilimani, too, I guess. Way to go Safaricom!! You definitely are the BETTER “data” option…but not for voice. Zain wins that battle hands down! :-)

Anyhow, I saw these links, read em, and I agree wholeheartedly with Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. The biggest problem with Africa is its disunity. One voice, one union, one government is the key to her prosperity. Of course, the West would be terrified to see Africa united. Trust me! But I don’t think most Kenyans (or the continent’s citizens) really see the big picture. I blame its leaders, and their selfish interests for this. Tell me what you think:

Okay, back to setting up Olive Salon‘s website. I’ll post the link later!


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[Ongata Rongai, Kenya]
GREETINGS FROM a really cool area just outside of Nairobi. Without a doubt, the Ongata Rongai and neighboring Kitengela areas have an amazing buzz between them. Everywhere you look, flats and houses are going up. And why not? Land is el cheapo here, and you’re not that far away from Nairobi, Ngong, or Karen. Oh, did you see that smooth tarmaced road heading from Bomas all the way into Ongata Rongai town? Wow, that’s what I call smooth sailing.

The new Tuskys super market is super kool and it’s stocked with everything under the sun. Plus, Barclays, KCB, and Equity banks have set up branches in this thriving town. Again, Ongata Rongai should definitely be on your list if you want to get away from the city sprawl of Nairobi that’s on the cheap. I wouldn’t think twice about moving here. I see BIG opportunities for entrepreneurs here to open up cyber cafes, bars/restaurants, retail outlets among other possibilities. And this area feels safe as hell thanks to the new police station nearby.

Oh, a cobra…
So my good pal Pippa lives up here with her son and 2 dogs (Shenzi & Mtokutu). When I saw her last week in Karen, she told me that she had to rush Mtokutu to the vet because she got sprayed by the venom of a spitting cobra that “hangs out” in a particular bushy area of the back yard. Yikes! I’m sure you’ll understand why I was a little hessitant to drop by for a visit, right? :-) What’s more annoying is that no one has seen the damn snake, but there’s a general understanding that a cobra visits the back yard once in a while.

Anyhow, I saw Mtokutu and she had some green ointment in her left eye to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, these 2 dogs don’t really understand the danger of its slippery neighbour. This sort of freaked Pippa out, and her good friend Dennis Matthews (a snake guru/catcher) from Kitengela told her to call him if anyone spots the “king” of the backyard.

Cobra ahoy…
Now check this out. My pal David dropped by to visit me and show me the plans for a golf course his peeps are planning on developing. We’re chatting out in the back yard and low and behold, we see this brownish-greyish cobra sloowly slide right on by us about 8 feet away and into the bush everyone suspects is one of its many homes. It’s like the cobra said “Hey guys, just ignore me…continue with your meeting…I’m just sliding by into this lovely bush you got in this yard. Carry on!”

I looked at David and said “Aah, so that’s the cobra I’ve been hearing about.” I then ran into the house to notify Pippa and also to make sure the 2 dogs were not outside. In no time, Dennis Matthews and his kids came by for a “snake outing.” This was going to be my first time watching some dude capture a 4 1/2 feet cobra.

Hide & seek…
So Dennis puts on his glasses – for obvious reasons. His 11 year old son also got in on the action as father and son proceeded to search the bush for the cobra. After a while, everyone was getting a little antsy and wondering if the cobra probably slid away some where else. Then Dennis’ son and Justin had a bright idea. They started to throw rocks into the bush like fire bombs. This definitely did the trick. Our slippery visitor was flushed out, and decided to head in the opposite direction away from all the falling debris. Smart fella. In the open grass, Dennis snared it before it got away. His son assisted and eventually it was placed in a bag.

Goodbye Mr. Cobra…
After a nice chat, Dennis and his entourage got into a land rover with the snake. He’s going to release it far away from this area so that it won’t ever come come back again. Well, hopefully. He said that cobras were territorial and there’s no chance of another cobra coming by for a visit. I hope so.

All in all, it was quite a afternoon. David’s spontaneous visit was quite a revealation. If he didn’t show up, we would not have had that meeting in the back yard so no one would know that the cobra had returned for a temporary visit. All I can say is “good riddance.” By the way, Pippa is thinking of getting a pet mongoose from the KSPCA to hang out in the back yard.

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[Ngong, Kenya]
WELL, I’M here in Ngong blogging from my room using Mrs. C’s Huawei E220 HSDPA USB modem. I told her to buy this instead of Safaricom‘s package because I truly believe Celtel (oops, I mean Zain) has the superior data network. Heck, I don’t give a sh!t about voice! Just show me the data pipe baby. :-) By the way, I’m not the biggest fan of telecom companies. Just take a peek at these 2 posts I wrote in 2006 to know why:

Zain: the better option?
As a matter of fact, Zain is simply the better option when it comes to voice too. Safaricom subscribers are stooopid for paying KSh 10/minute when they can buy a Zain SIM and get unlimited daytime (6a – 6p) calls for KSh 99. That’s obscenely cheap folks. But it gets better. After 6pm and weekends, you only pay KSh 3/minute. And don’t forget that Zain has a tariff where you list the 3 Zain numbers that you call the most, and you only pay KSh 4/minute forever. Is this the same elitist Celtel (er Zain) that was charging ridiculous rates not too long ago? Oh my, how times have changed – for the better.

So, why are Safaricom prepaid subscribers not jumping ship in greater numbers? It absolutely boggles the mind that I have to keep my bloody Safaricom SIM in my celly after 6pm just so that my idiot friends can call me. In a sense, they’re inconveniencing me by not using the “better option” after 6pm and on weekends. How selfish of them, eh? :-)

Zain not 3G yet
Anyhow, Zain has not rolled out their 3G network offering yet to compete with Safaricom’s [HotSpot] data offering. But then again, can Safaricom beat Zain’s unlimited postpaid data package of KShs 2995 per month? Nope. Unlimited is not in their vocabulary – yet. Someone at Zain customer care did inform me that 3G is coming “soon.” I’ve heard that one before, and I don’t really care because it’ll probably be a while before them (or Safaricom) bring HSDPA data services to Ngong. Again, I don’t give a damn about voice. I can do all of that on the Information Super Highway – and a lot more. Yacking is for idiots who have money to waste.

One thing though…I read somewhere that Safaricom’s HSDPA download rates were fast as hell in areas such as Westlands, Upper Hill and CDB. Some Kenyan blogger mentioned speeds hovering around 1 Megabit/sec when he’s surfin’ in Westlands. Well, I’ll believe it when I see it. Heck, if that’s true, I’ll pack my things and relocate to Westlands. Nah, Ngong’s quiet and I can actually think out here. :-)

Getting EDGEy
Anyhow, over the past few days, I’ve been playing around with this Huawei modem on Mac OS X and I’m quite impressed with the ease that it installed. I’m still shocked because hardly anyone makes hardware that installs on a Mac since everyone’s hooked on virus-prone Windows. Way to go Huawei! I’m now a bigger fan of your products.
So, how does Zain’s network perform here in Ngong? Remember, this town is about a 40 minute drive by car from the Nairobi’s downtown Central Business District. On certain occasions, I’m sure you can do it in about 25 to 30 minutes. Yeah, at 2am in the morning! :-)
Well, as you can see in the pic above, I was able to download at a top rate of 10.4 KB/s while topping out at a respectable 18 KB/s. Hey, remember I’m in Ngong – not Westlands or snobby Upper Hill.

My advice to Safaricom & Zain
I urge you 2 to focus on bringing affordable, reliable broadband data services to the rural communities because it’ll spur on economic development faster than any other government initiative. I know it’s hard to resist the lucrative markets like Upper Hill, Wetlands, CBD, Kilimani, Lavington, Runda, Karen, Muthaiga et al, but think about the impact you’ll have on the country. You 2 have the power to quickly change a lot of things in this country – for the better.

Cheap access to the Internet means that more people can connect, share ideas and try out new things. And let’s face it, you 2 have the infrastructure and know-how to do it.

Telkom Kenya, WTF?!?
By the way, I really don’t know what the hell the brain trust at Telkom Wireless are smoking. How on earth can they charge KSh 3 per minute for their CDMA data services when Safaricom and Zain are charging by the megabyte? Telkom, you havent a clue what the hell you’re doing, do you? What a disgrace you are to Kenya. How could you let so many people down? What were you thinking? Where’s your EV-DO service to match the 3G/HSDPA offerings of your rivals? I have lost all faith in you, Telkom. Luckily, you have the government to back up your uncompetitive behind. Do us all a favour, and just go to hell.

Ngong, a hidden treasure?
Lastly, I just have to say that it’s lovely up here, and the view of Ngong Hills from the back yard or from my good pal’s (Robert Ouko – former 72′ Olympic 800m Gold Medalist) flat is absolutely breath taking. And it’s so quiet in these parts…no noisy traffic disrupting your thoughts and everyone in this particular area (Kerarapon) is so friendly. Heck, we have monthly residents meetings for this 4 sq-km area that’s situated in Ngong, and the police attends them too. So everybody knows their neighbour and crime here is like a tiny blip compared to all the crap that’s going on in Karen and Nairobi.

Also, Kerarapon boasts its own natural springs that’s managed by the Kerarapon Water Commission where Mr. Ouko was the outgoing Secretary. He did a fabulous job by the way. Hence water rates are ridiculously cheap at KSh 2 per gallon. Yet Karen is like an 8 minute car (or matatu) ride if you need to go to Nakumatt or do banking at Karen Crossroads Mall.

Honestly, I see a bright future for Ngong – especially Kerarapon. Lots of peeps are moving from places like Runda, Lavington and Karen since the price is right. Heck the late, former Roads Minister (Kipkalya Kones) just recently purchased property on Kerarapon Drive where his wife now resides. I’m sure he would’ve seen that the main road was paved in a jiffy.

By the way, land only goes for about 800K to 1.2M per acre here. And the land that borders Karen goes for about 3M per acre. Now that’s what I call a sweet deal. Contrast that to Karen where land on average goes for about Ksh 13 Million per acre. I’ve seen plots there going for KSh 16M. No thanks! Once more development takes place by the 17th drive of Kerarapon, then the council will probably allow that bypass road to connect from Karen making travel to other Nairobi suburbs quicker than ever.

My goals while living in this area are:

  1. Assist the community in getting the main road for Kerarapon Drive paved using applied techniques based on affordable, reliable termite technology for long-lasting roads. This alone will spur on more development. I’m to present this solution at the upcoming residents meeting in a few days.

  2. Implement a “community” wireless mesh broadband project in Kerarapon that will attract more development in terms of companies relocating here and better access for the public schools here.
  3. Develop a strategy with association members for a street light initiative (like Esther Passaris’ Adopt a Light campaign) so that Kerarapon Drive has affordable lighting throughout the night. This will give the residents here that community piece of mind and spur on more development.


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[Nairobi, Kenya]
GREETINGS FROM Faith Cyber Cafe here in the Diamond Shopping Plaza on Tom Mboya Street near the Bata store and Tuskys. I love coming here once in a while because the dudes who operate this place are always accommodating of me and my Mac laptop. Oh, did I mention how CHEAP it is to browse here? It’s like 50 cents per minute folks. For you tourists from the West, that’s half of a Kenya Shilling…not $0.50. That’d be too expensive!

Bye bye expensive cybers
Heck, in Karen (an expensive Nairobi suburb), everyone charges KSh 2 per minute to surf the Net. I remember this one cyber on Langata Rd. near Bomas. They were charging KSh 3 per minute. Can you believe that? What are they smoking? Please, somebody call the police for Information Super Highway ROBBERY. Gees. :-) Anyhow, I’m just waiting for those fibre optic cables to connect at Mombasa in late 2009 or so. ISPs keep saying that prices should drop by 75%. I’ll believe it when I see. it.

Trim city…
By the way, this Diamond Shopping Plaza is one heck of a place. Why? Because it has tons of womens hair salons everywhere. It’s like the Golden Computer Arcade in Kowloon (Hong Kong) where you’ll find tons of computer hardware for sale at great prices. The only difference is that they’re tons of hotties working in this 3 floor plaza doing a fabulous job making their female clientele look hot too. Any how, don’t take my word. Just drop by for a “pleasant” visit. :-)

The price is right…
Again, Faith Cafe only charges 50 cents per minute. Heck, that’s only KSh 30 per hour. How in Heaven’s name are these peeps making coin? In fact, most of the cybers in this area of town charge this rate. Some even dare to charge KSh 1. How rude. :-)

All in all, I like coming here when I’m in town because the staff knows me, and they really take care of me. That’s why they keep getting my business.

Happy web surfin folks!

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[Nairobi, Kenya]
LET’S face it! I just love computer languages. Why? Because if you know what the heck you’re doing, you can rule the world. LOL. :-) Come to think of it, I miss the good ole days coding in Pascal, using VAX Macro Assembler in my CS208a Computer Science class with Mrs. Downing, and even taking Prolog for a spin.

Oh, I found Java too verbose and Sun’s bloody licensing scheme was annoying. Now, Microsoft’s .NET is taking over where it left off. C/C++ was kool, but very macho and, damn, did you have to do lots of debugging to get anything running properly. Screw that. Besides, I’d rather use Borland’s Delphi, which is the souped up re-incarnation of Turbo Pascal. Heck, the executable code runs just as fast or faster than C/C++…and it’s smaller too. No sh!t dudes. Betcha didn’t know that.

Enter Python
Now, if you’ve been living in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, then you probably will not have a clue about the Python programming language, which is truly a secret weapon in many IT shops around the planet. Trust me on that one. I wrote about it here, so I won’t bother reinventing the wheel.

Anyhow, I think it’d be a great language for peeps here in Africa to learn instead of that crappy outdated VB6 language they’re still teaching in most of these IT (ahem!) schools. Buyer beware. Oh, Python’s creator, Guido van Rossum, now works for Google, which is now the most admired company on the planet. What does that say about them and their committment to being #1? Everything. And the official Python mascot is such a cutie. Don’t you agree? :-)

Python jobs on the rise…
According to this blurb on the Oreilly Radar , Python jobs are on the rise. Take a peek at this:

O’Reilly editor Sarah Milstein writes: “My brother, a Python geek who attended PyCon last week, reports that it was hiring fest: ‘at PyCon: *everyone* was hiring. I was asked if I would be interested in moving to 2-3 cities for a job, just in casual conversation. Half the lightning talks ended (or started) with “We’re hiring”. Which was pretty deeply reassuring.’” This information is consistent with our analysis of the online book and job markets. Ruby has more momentum among startups, but Python is also a hot startup language, and is becoming one of the officially sanctioned licenses at many larger companies. For example, it is one of the three “official” languages at Google (C++, Java, and Python)

Wow! Isn’t that totally AMAZING? The beauty about Python programming is that the language is simpy a joy to use. It’s easy to read…not cryptic at all, and powerfull as hell. You can create desktop apps, web apps, networking apps, use it as your middleware stack, write commercial video games, use it on your mobile device. It simply is the chameleon of programming languages, and that’s why I think more people here in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kigali, Lagos, Cape Town, Kampala et al should be USING it. Say goodbye to VB6 and Java for heavens sakes.

Thanks Eiwot…
I’m a member of the Ottawa Python Author’s Group so I get a lot of emails on what’s going down in the world of Python. Here’s some info from Eiwot – a member:

Hi all,
I created new blog about Python programming and Python Articles at Let’s check it out :)


Damn, everybody’s using Blogger/BlogSpot eh? I guess Google can’t keep a good thing under wraps (secret) for too long. :-) Anyhow, I urge you to peek his blog. I’m quite impressed with his posts so far.

Happy computing.

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