AMD chips “inside” Future MacBooks?

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{Nairobi, Kenya}
THIS IS AN interesting development; that is, if Apple isn’t using AMD just to keep Intel in line. Anyhow, here’s my take that I left as a comment on ZDNet:

It’s accurate to say that the computer industry has a soft spot for AMD because they’ve really done a lot of innovating (K5, K6, Athlon, Opteron, Turion…) and pushing the envelope against Intel since the late 80s/early 90s starting with their fiery founder Jerry Sanders {is he still around?}

"AMD vs Intel" - the stakes are always high!

I’m all for AMD getting a piece of Apple’s pie. :-) They deserve it and I’m rooting for them — ALWAYS. It’s not that I hate Intel per se. It’s just that they did some sneaky things back in the 90s to try to screw AMD. Ask former CEO Andy Grove (the “paranoid one”). If it were not for AMD, I’m positive the pace of new chip releases would have slowed to a crawl so that Intel could milk us dry. {Max “The IT pro”}

Mind you, I have mad respect for what Andy Grove accomplished at Intel from a manager’s point of view. But Jerry Sanders was the kinder, gentler leader.

Go AMD go!

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4 Responses to AMD chips “inside” Future MacBooks?

  1. I hope AMD gets the go ahead, would be nice to see the price go down a bit and AMD does a fine job!!!

  2. John Burton says:

    I read a similar article on a different web site and didn’t quite get it, but this article is much clearer. Appreciate it!

  3. MaxTheITpro says:

    No problema dude. I’ve always been a BIG AMD fan! I hope they don’t fu*k up with the purchase of ATI.

  4. Max - The IT Pro says:

    Man Over Board…nice blog u got there. I loooove that magazine theme. Did it require a lot of effort to customize?? Damn, that’s a sweeet theme dude!
    Yah, I hope AMD gets the contract to for MacBooks but Apple is too much in Intel’s back pocket. Hopefully we’ll see some nice netbooks with “AMD Inside.” :-)

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